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Strategies for Including Postcard & Direct Mail Marketing in a Complete Promotional Effort

Even in the digital age, a direct mail campaign is still an effective technique for promoting a business and its goods or services. With a Postcard & Direct Mail Marketing project, a commercial enterprise reaches potential customers in a way that can take them by surprise in a positive way. Creative, eye-catching printed items get people to read the text and consider making a purchase.

Anything But Obsolete

Although direct mail is a very old form of marketing, it is anything but obsolete. A combination of digital advertising and direct mail can be one of the most effective strategies for gaining new customers and persuading existing customers to make another purchase. Most of the marketing efforts may still take place online and in forms of media like TV and newspapers, but the opportunities provided by direct mail should not be ignored.

Getting Attention

Postcards are excellent for direct mail because they get the person’s attention right away without anyone having to open an envelope. A postcard is easy to stick on the refrigerator with a magnet, reminding the person to use a coupon or take advantage of discounted prices by a certain date.

Details to Include

The business name and location should be prominent, and a URL can be included as long as it’s easy to type into the address bar. Nobody will bother typing out a URL that’s longer than about 15 characters, and they obviously cannot copy and paste from a postcard.

Design Considerations

The postcards do not have to be expensive versions, such as high-gloss, multi-color products if the business is a small one with a tight marketing budget. The recipient is still going to take a quick glance at it and see the most noticeable information. That might be the word “free” or a phrase like “25 percent off.”

Some companies also offer plastic postcards, but again, this costs more and has not been proven to be more effective. In addition, some recipients may find this type of direct mail to be annoying since it’s not as recycling-friendly as a paper postcard printed by a company like Catdi is.