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Important Fact on Stem Cell Treatments

When the government is funding different sectors, you’ll find that most of them will venture a lot into funding the healthcare sector especially into research and sometimes you might ask yourself many questions as it is a very important sector. For example, stem cell treatment is a research that has been conducted for a very long time and it has been funded by the government because it is a very important procedure. One of the key things you need to realize is that it is a government-funded project and that is why the spent more than $1.5 billion in 2016 alone under the Obama administration. Although it has suffered some setbacks during the Bush administration, it is research that has helped a lot especially the healthcare sector discovering more about the stem cell procedures. Discussed more below are some other important facts on stem cell treatment.

It is also important to note that doctors have used stem cell therapy for very many years. If you have heard about the stem cell therapy in a few years, it has been in existence since 1981 when it was discovered by a British scientist. It was first used in 2010 on a patient with an oscilloscope spinal injury, but after that, over 20,000 patients have undergone umbilical cord cell treatment for the past 20 years using this therapy. It is a success with therapy because it is said to have treated camera and blood disorders. It is important to realize that the stem cell procedures are very popular today because they can deal with very many health conditions. this especially when it comes to blood or immune related diseases. That is not all because scientists are working very hard also hoping that you can also be helpful in curing some forms of blindness through the treatment. There is also a lot of research that is going on especially hoping to use the stem cells in the production of corneas. It is a good move because for people that have suffered serious eye injuries maybe because of accident, theft or even violent attacks, that left him with permanent blindness.

You also need to know that stem cell therapy is being utilized even now in saving and also improving lives in different parts of the world. In many parts of the world, including Canada, it is the therapy that has helped a lot in dealing with multiple sclerosis because it has the potential, but also in dealing with stroke. There are four main parts, where the stem cells are taken from including embryonic stem cells, dental stem cells, bone marrow, and umbilical cold. Stem cell treatment is available worldwide and therefore can decide on what you want.