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Basic Injuries That Elders are Vulnerable to in Life

As people advance in age, there are high risks of getting injuries from very simple and basic things as there are general body weakness and lack of self-awareness. There are those who say that as one grows older, they become more of toddlers than elders which is ironical but true to a large extent. Senior citizens face a lot of challenges as their body tends to be degenerating and need to be taken care of as they are very much susceptible to many dangers out there that could cause serious injuries to them. Wherever they go, from home to the street and even in malls and hospitals, there are so many things that could bring injuries to them and we all need to be aware of these things so as to help them take care of themselves. This is to ensure that they are aware and will be able to avoid them so as to stay healthy. Consider going through the article below to learn more about the injuries that senior citizens are predisposed to.

To begin with, there is the need to be concerned about the risk of slipping and falling which is the major contributor to these injuries. This danger is the one that tops the list as there are so many things that could cause them to slip and fall. For the fact that their bodies are weak and they lack normal stability that e young and strong citizens have could predispose them to fall anytime anywhere. The slippery surfaces such as the bathroom or bathtub are places of high risk and danger of falling calling out which might bring about terrible effects. There are various precautions that can be taken to ensure that senior citizens are protected from the imminent dangers that are there.

The other injury type that really affects senior citizens is concussions. Concussion also affect young and strong people including athletes and this means that the effect could be more fatal in elders and they need to be protected from such.

As one advances in age, the bones become weak and suffer from conditions and diseases that affect them making them very weak and susceptible to fractures and breaking. When falling, the hip is one of the body parts that is usually hit and in most cases fracture occurs which in most cases never heals completely.

Majority of senior citizens insist on doing things for themselves and in the process get injuries such as burns.